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Purple Industries is a local owned and operated Western Australian LED Light company. It started with a vision to bring product confidence with good honest sales warranty and support, People you can actually pick up the phone and speak with, a face behind the name. Real Australians selling to real Australians.

Supplying Low Voltage LED lighting products to the Mining, Transport,  & Marine Industries, whilst also catering for the recreational and off-road & racing communities.

Our intent is to supply an industrial grade light, built to las. with a focus on IP weatherproof ratings & vibration certifications, and to adopt Australian aircraft grade coatings to sustain the highest quality over time. Then test it against Australia’s harshest conditions for over 5 years.

To the team behind PURPLE, customer satisfactions is everything and our aim every day is to improve and provide the highest quality product with a guaranteed quality customer experience with 100% assurance of support and warranty backup that is second to none.

It’s time for us all to GET OUR PURPLE ON!


Highly Qualified Australian Licensed

Nothing triumphs like design and manufacturing integrity

We are highly qualified; Australian licensed electrical contractors.

Our LED lights are built tough for work and play, with the latest in LED, lens and casing technologies and engineering. We have LED lighting solutions to suit passenger vehicles, 4X4, RV, marine, mining, agricultural, industrial and transport vehicles.

Our challenge is to design, develop and source the highest quality performance lighting solutions whilst delivering peerless customer service, competitive pricing and innovative, progressive design.

And we build that quality guarantee into every light and component we design, make and market.

LED Bar lights Australia

Engineered in Australia, and manufactured under strict supervision in a world-class international electronics facility design and manufacturing integrity.

The high Intensity Purple Xtreme LED light range has been specifically designed to meet the demanding Australian conditions.

They project a special spectrum white light that we believe is the closest possible reflection of sunlight. They feature virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens and specially coated aluminium housings. They’re waterproof to 3m and feature military spec vibration certified circuitry, built to withstand extended periods of hard going, heavy corrugations and extreme conditions.

That’s why the ultimate LED Light choice, for every application, is now Purple.

The People Behind Purple

A passion for advanced design, high performance, high quality LED light systems

Purple Industries was founded by Perth local Mark McPherson with a passion for advanced design, high performance, high quality LED light systems for vehicle and marine applications.

I started this business to bring the really awesome LED lights and lighting systems I’d encountered overseas to Australians, I knew were sick and tired of the ‘quality lottery’ on eBay. Along with much of the faceless Internet crap out there and often dodgy warranty issues – or having to pay through the nose for the quality and reliability of the big-name brands.

Through his previous work and experience with electrical and high- end LED light systems, Mark knew where he could find the leading edge technologies. “ Over years I had developed the contacts and relationships with leaders in design and engineering, components and manufacturing – the facilities needed to build the ultimate hi-performance LED lights, fittings and systems. Lights and components that would stand up to the worst Australia could throw at them. And that was really the mantra Purple Industries was foundered on”.

Joining Mark in 2014, as Brand and Sales Manager, was Chris Roberts with over 30 years marine industry experience and a like passion for LED lights and associated system design and engineering. Combined with Mark’s 20 years of electrical and LED systems background, this gave Purple Industries a wealth of experience in supply and installation across marine, mining, agricultural, industrial and recreational vehicle applications. “Our passion is LED lights. And delivering the best lights and systems to the market, adapting to new ideas and thinking outside the square with applications in marine, mining, agriculture, industry and recreation – all while delivering on customer confidence in our quality, service and reliability”

Purple stories

Adventures, insights and all things LED

Whether that’s lighting our way across the Nullarbor in a road-train, turning night into day on the harvester, navigating a heart-stopping river crossing in the Landcruiser, racing across the sand in the Australian Safari or illuminating the water for a peaceful evening swim at Rottnest Island.

Why Use LED Car Lights?
The Day Makers!
Creating my own awesome aquatic light and sound show
After 30 years in marine, I finally saw the light
Lighting up The Darkest Forrests
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What Our Clients Say

Out-Shine My Mates

Setting out from Sydney with 13 other 4wds, My New Purple Industries Xtreme 70 watt XR7 driving lights made the boys laugh at how small are. Well our first nights driving sure sorted the laughs out as these awesome little 6.5 inch spot lights just blew everyone away at the amount of light they put out and out-shone most of my mates LED’s easily.

Tony Simmonds
4WD Owner, Parramatta Sydney
The Best Tools

After almost 40 years driving trucks across Australia, The Xteme Led Lights are seriously one of the best tools I’ve had fitted to my truck. The 70watt Spot-lights are just great, they are bright easy on the eye and the first spot light I’ve found useful in fog. The light actually drives through the fog instead of reflecting back at you or off the fog and it does not take much to explain the benefits for any driver who has driven in bad fog or conditions, the bonus here.

Bryce Kemp
Line Haul Driver
Next Level

We've been avid 4WD enthusiasts for years and have done our fair share of night time travel. I can honestly say that the Purple Xtreme LED spotties are the best I've had. And I've had quite a few. Nice work Mark & co.

Adam Smith
Landcruiser 200 Series

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