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After 30 years in marine, I finally saw the light

I’ve been involved professionally in the WA marine industry for over thirty years from commercial, recreational and wholesale and through to chandlery management at several leading WA marine service companies.

Over that time I’ve seen a lot of products come and go. And believe me, with the knowledge and experience of marine hardware I’ve built up over the years in the industry, I’m not easily impressed.  But one product that caught my imagination and impressed me from the get-go was a new innovation in lighting technology – LED lights and control systems. And far and away the best combination of performance, manufacturing and component quality and value for money were the LED lights and operating and control systems for Purple Industries. They were a “new kid on the block” at the time but in my experience they proved to be in a class of their own. Super tough, durable, bright and infinitely controllable.

After 30 years in marine, I finally saw the light
The 35 Watt – 5,000 Lumen Marine Work Light

It didn’t take long before our customers were actually commenting on how easy they were to install and use. Experience can make you cynical at times, and I am no orphan in this regard, so it really raised my interest when customer’s comments like this started coming in – with them also raving over the quality of the lights how bright they were. From the stainless steel underwater lights to the purpose built spot and floodlights and new Wi-Fi controlled LED strip lighting the reviews were glowing, I was so impressed with the Purple industries lights and service. In fact, I had been looking for something new in life, and when offered a position with Purple, I jumped at the chance to get involved with the company! So now, if you need to know anything about LED lights, on land or water, you can call me directly on +61 499 770733.

Chris Roberts | WA



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