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Why Use LED Car Lights?

Automotive lighting is important for safety. Mostly helpful in driving at night and seeing through in troublesome weather, lighting system in vehicles is a must.

LED Driving Light 9 inch on Truck Australia

The Day Makers!

Living in Western Australia, great driving lights are a “must-have”. Often I’m traveling to and from work well into the dark of night and early morning…


After 30 years in marine, I finally saw the light

I’ve been involved professionally in the WA marine industry for over thirty years from commercial, recreational and wholesale and through to chandlery management at several leading WA marine service companies.


Lighting up The Darkest Forrests

Before heading out on a weekend driving through some of the worlds’ toughest but most majestic country Queensland has to offer, we recently fitted two Purple Industries Xtreme Series 70 watt Driving lights to our 120 series Toyota Prado.

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