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XR12 Spot - 120 Watt Xtreme LED Driving Light

XR12 Spot - 120 Watt Xtreme LED Driving Light

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XR12 Spot - 120 Watt Xtreme LED Driving Light

$909.00 $480.00 + GST

In stock

The Xtreme 10 Gen II Black Monster LED driving light is “the Mother” of all lights. Boasting an awesome 18,000 raw lumens it’s available in spot, flood or combination of spot/flood lenses creating the ultimate LED light for every application.

  • Ultra-high Output and Superior Performance
  • Australian Designed & Manufactured Bracketing System
  • 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners & Mounting Bolts
  • 5 Years Testing in Australia’s Harshest Conditions
  • Day Time Running Lights
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Detailed Description

The New Generation XR12 LED Driving Light, with a massive 18,000 raw lumens output for only 120 watts of load. This Black Monster is “the Mother” of all LED driving lights. Supplied with a custom-engineered heavy duty Mounting Bracket specifically designed in Western Australia to handle the harsh conditions we experience on Australian outback roads. Simple to install and adjust these driving lights offer the ultimate in flexibility. Available in spot or flood beams and with our 316 stainless steel fasteners installed with aviation grade thread sealants, 316 mounting hardware and nylon washers makes the Xr12 suitable for all land and marine applications.

At 246mm diameter it “makes a statement” but with it’s unique, custom-designed Mounting System it’s easy to install and adjust in the same locations and applications as most conventional driving lights. It features a military-spec vibration certification and rating to IP68 standard (submersible to 3 meters), gore pressure equalization vents, meaning this powerhouse LED driving light is designed and built tough to handle the harshest Australian environments. Whether that’s turning night into day on the corrugated roads out West or providing the ultimate light for your 4X4 or sports vehicle.

Now available with Australian marine grade mil-spec coatings upon request.


$909.00 $480.00 + GST

In stock

Technical Specifications
  • 120 Watt’s Power Consumption
  • 10 Watt Cree Chipset LED’s
  • Day time running lights 0.1 watt each
  • 9-36 Volts DC
  • 9.1 Amps @ 13.3 Vdc
  • 18,000 Raw Lumen’s
  • 30° Spot Optic Reflectors
  • IP68, Weatherproof rating, submersible to 3m
  • -40 to +90°C, Operating Temperature
  • 5,500 Kelvin, Colour Temperature
  • 3 Pin Deutsch Electrical Connector
  • Die cast Aluminum Housing
  • Aviation Grade Thread sealants
  • 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners throughout
  • 316 Stainless Steel Mounting bolts
  • Bracket Mild steel, Australian Design & Manufactured
  • Durable UV 3800 polyester powder coat
  • Weight 4.25kg
  • Dimensions 246W x 260H x 111D
  • 5 Year Warranty



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What Our Clients Say

Out-Shine My Mates

Setting out from Sydney with 13 other 4wds, My New Purple Industries Xtreme 70 watt XR7 driving lights made the boys laugh at how small are. Well our first nights driving sure sorted the laughs out as these awesome little 6.5 inch spot lights just blew everyone away at the amount of light they put out and out-shone most of my mates LED’s easily.

Tony Simmonds
4WD Owner, Parramatta Sydney
The Best Tools

After almost 40 years driving trucks across Australia, The Xteme Led Lights are seriously one of the best tools I’ve had fitted to my truck. The 70watt Spot-lights are just great, they are bright easy on the eye and the first spot light I’ve found useful in fog. The light actually drives through the fog instead of reflecting back at you or off the fog and it does not take much to explain the benefits for any driver who has driven in bad fog or conditions, the bonus here.

Bryce Kemp
Line Haul Driver
Next Level

We've been avid 4WD enthusiasts for years and have done our fair share of night time travel. I can honestly say that the Purple Xtreme LED spotties are the best I've had. And I've had quite a few. Nice work Mark & co.

Adam Smith
Landcruiser 200 Series


Our Xtreme range of LED Lights & LED Light Bars have been designed & engineered for Australia’s most rugged environments. With Industry and mining in mind the Xtreme range of LED lights has been created with one principle – lower maintenance costs achieved with less down time and hours lost. Designed to operate under high temperatures with extreme impact and vibration resistance, using the strongest housings, offering a high reliability for 5+ years. Available with Australian Military Spec Coating upon request, We feel we have created a light to survive Australia.



XR12 LED Combination Spot & Flood light Purple Industries
XR12 LED Combination Spot & Flood light Purple Industries


Australia can be an extremely hard and demanding landscapes for all marine craft, machines and equipment. With our primary goal the longevity of life & performance of our products. Using only Cree 5 & 10-watt LED chips-sets whilst implementing industry-leading electronics design and assembly. Followed up by 5 years testing in Australia’s harshest environments. We feel we have engineered a light with circuitry, designed to operate under high temperatures with extreme impact and vibration. Whilst our circuitry is offering more light for less power with high reliability and performance for 5+ years.

Purple Industries XR12 LED Combination Spot & Flood light


Our range of housings are designed for optimal cooling and heat dissipation. By creating maximum surface area & secondly, using heavily constructed housings to ensure optimal cooling thus performance and extended life of the circuitry and LED chips. To ensure Cooling is achieved our range of Xtreme LED lights are designed to operate under constant load in fixed or stationary conditions. The most important factor to the design of any LED light is the cooling capability. With out the adequate cooling or heat dissipation your light will first be limited in its circuit cards performance/output and most likely fail.

Purple Industries XR12 LED Combination Spot & Flood light


Purple a 100% locally owned and operated Australian LED light company. Started with a vision to bring product confidence, good honest sales, warranty & support. People you can actually pick up the phone and speak with. To Purple, customer satisfactions is everything & our aim every day is to improve & provide the highest quality products with a guaranteed quality customer experience. To achieve this we have an extensive team working behind the scene, each experts in their individual fields, holding well over 150 years of combined experience in either design, development manufacturing or testing to better our products.