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Living in Western Australia, great driving lights are a “must-have”. Often I’m traveling to and from work well into the dark of night and early morning and just over a year ago I had Purple Industries Xtreme Z-Series LED 70 watt Driving Lights fitted to my Nissan Patrol wagon and over the last 12-months they’ve illuminated over 85,000km of the toughest country in Australia – without missing a beat. Frankly, their exceptional reliability and performance has so far exceeded my expectations that I had the absolute confidence to recommend and introduce The Purple Industries LEDs to the company I currently work for, a major transport company operating through out Western Australia – and some of the harshest road conditions in the country. So far we’ve fitted out a fleet of over 70 trucks in Western Australia alone. All of our country and line haul fleet trucks are now fitted with the brilliant Purple LED lights and they’re now specified as part of our minimum requirements for our line haul fleet. You can’t give a better endorsement of their performance and durability than that!


And the response from our drivers has been overwhelmingly excellent, In fact some drivers have started to nickname their Purple ‘spoties’ “The Day Makers” and providing nothing but positive feedback on the increased visibility range and effectiveness of the lights, even in unlit country, outback and foggy conditions.

The drivers are also reporting that the ‘colour spectrum’ from these lights is far easier on the eyes, over long hours of night-driving and that, partnered with a combination of beam width and power-spot throw, far better illuminates the roadside and bush as well as the road ahead. And when driving in the WA country, that makes it far easier, and quicker to pick up any potential trouble ahead – like big ‘Roos, the nemesis of Australian long-haul truckies.


The lights are also a very simple and easy conversion, as we replace the existing halogen and HID lights from our fleet. The ongoing maintenance is virtually negligible, with no globes to be regularly replaced – or our drivers caught in the dark with a blown driving light, until they get back to base – a dangerous and exhausting   situation, which often happened before we installed the Purple LEDs. I’ve also got to compliment Purple on the housings on these lights. They are strong – very, very, very strong with what we’ve found to be ‘bulletproof’ housings and lenses – unlike many of the HID and halogen competitors we’ve trialed in the past, who use plastic housings. Put simply, I am so impressed with our LED Xtreme lights from Purple Industries that we’ll continue to exclusively use and spec all our fleet. They’re bloody brilliant!”

Anthony Hughes | Manager Equipment & Compliance

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